The symbol.


Perhaps I have a dark imagination, but a strobe-lit place bursting with revellers all wearing the same mask would be the perfect place to tell terrible lies and terrible truths, to pick pockets, and perhaps, even, to murder — but I shan’t think of that.[1]
Loafus, Brinda Brigwidget. Where the Night is Young and Gaudy.

B.B. Loafus is the collaboration of Christopher Scott Steinauer, Zeeshan Riyaz Reshamwala, and Henry Fording Eddins: a series of works named after our stern and fictitious curator, Brinda.

Mme. Loafus inspires us with myth, lyric, parody, canard, and rumor — both fresh from our feeds and dug up from pages dog-eared and dusty. She likes fumbled jokes and optical illusions. She’s an expert on etiquette (while rather fiery herself) and absolutely lousy at labyrinths (but enjoys them all the same).

Dear reader, we hope you will find things here that are surprising, things to muse over quietly afterwards, perhaps, and that you will take these interconnected worlds and dream in them.

The Writers

Christopher Scott Steinauer writes and performs in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Influenced by the fantastical and absurd, he explores (sometimes harps on, sometimes bludgeons) themes of community, place, and mythology in our personal and cultural lives.

Zeeshan Riyaz Reshamwala lives in Bombay, but eats, sleeps, teaches, bicycles, and does doctoral research at the University of Denver. He enjoys reading prose that embellishes and heightens reality, and tries to write prose that confronts, in equal measure, the sublime and the silly. He has a congenially adversarial relationship with one Rudyard Kipling.

Henry Fording Eddins is a Kansas-City-to-Brooklyn transplant writer and composer. He aims somewhere between the medicine and sugar of philosophy and tabloid — in search of strange stories touching on the noble, the short-sighted, the curious, the grumpy, and the mistaken.